Choosing the Right Fuse Block

fuse blockA fuse holder is designed to hold, protect and mount fuses. When you go to purchase a fuse holder of this type, you will find that you have two types to choose from. One type is open and consists of fuse clips, fuse blocks, sockets or plug-on caps. The fully enclosed variety features a carrier that is inserted into the holder which completely encloses the fuse. When you make use of a fuse holder of this type, you will be able to quickly and easily change fuses. In addition, if the holder is used in a vehicle, the electrical equipment and wiring will be protected. Some have a built in safety release lever which protects the fuses from vibration or shock.

There are a variety of ways to mount your fuse holder. Types of mounts include a PC mount, fuse clip mount, fuse block, panel mount, snap mount or inline fuse holder. In order to determine which is right for your needs, you must know the operating temperature. Once this has been calculated, you need to consider other features. You may choose to purchase a waterproof version, one that is dustproof, one that offers a blow fuse indicator or a vibration resistant type. Do some research so you know which one will best suit your needs. A hardware store will be more than happy to assist you if you need help.

When you go to choose a fuse holder, you need to know the normal operating current, the power dissipation capacity, the rated operating voltage and the conductor's cross-sectional area. All affect the performance. When you compare fuse holders, you will see that they either have a handle or a draw out mechanism for easy insertion and removal. When you go to insert or remove a fuse, the control/power circuit will automatically shut off for your protection.

Technology has advanced considerably over the years. Newer fuse holders come in a wide range to protect your electronic equipment. If you are looking for automobile glass fuses, look for AG on the packing in the section which describes the fuse size. This type of fuse holder is made with ceramic or Bakelite fiber for added protection. When choosing any fuse, including automotive ones, you need to pay attention to the material as some are polyester while others are superior grade flame retardant nylon. Each will come with ratings so you can best determine which is right for your application.

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